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Design and Furniture Ideas for Your Bedroom Remodel

Remodeling a bedroom can be an extremely personal thing. After all, the bedroom is where you'll spend at least a third of your life, it is the last thing you see when you go to sleep at night and it is what greets you when you wake up. Your bedroom can be your oasis and den of relaxation away from the stress of life, or you can design a contemporary guest bedroom that makes visitors feel like they are spending the night at an upscale city hotel. Remodeling a bedroom can include replacing the flooring, painting the walls and even removing a wall to enlarge the space. However, it can also mean switching up the layout and changing the overall style thanks to new furniture.

Incorporate some of these design ideas and furniture tips as you begin the remodeling for a bedroom in your home.

Measure Your Bedroom

Although the more fun part of remodeling may include picking paint colors and shopping for the perfect sheets for your bed, the best place to start the remodeling process is by measuring the bedroom.

If there is any furniture that will be staying, measure that as well. The same goes for any built-in items that can't or won't be moved. This allows you to see how much space you really have, and it will be a tremendous help when you're deciding if you can fit in that king size bed or both nightstands on either side of the bed.

Try to make these measurements as exact as possible so you don't have any installation problems. Also, measure the width of your bedroom door, since that can be a factor as you're bringing in new furniture or taking old pieces out of the space.

Create a Rough Layout Plan

Once your measurements are in place, it is time to create a rough layout plan for the bedroom. This doesn't have to be a big task, and it can even be something as simple as a pencil sketch.

Think carefully about what you want to be the priority in the bedroom. In a room for a toddler, having plenty of empty space for free play may be important.

For a young professional, having a large closet to keep clothes organized may be the bigger priority. Keep these things in mind as you sketch in your ideal bed, any nightstands or side tables, a dresser, chest of drawers, standalone closet, vanity or anything else you would like to include in the bedroom.

Choose the Right Bed Size

The bed itself is likely going to be the biggest item in the bedroom, so it is a good place to start. Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn't always better when buying a bed.

Cost aside, a bigger bed can take up too much room, making the space feel small. Think about your size, height and sleeping habits when deciding on the size of bed that best fits your bedroom.

For a guest room, going with a double or a queen bed is usually sufficient for couples. Children and teens can do well in single beds, while some couples may prefer the king or California king if space is not an issue.

In some children's rooms, bunk beds reduce the square footage while maximizing sleeping space.

Investigate Storage Options

If the bedroom you're remodeling already has a built-in closet or walk-in closet, then you may not need any additional storage. Without these, however, you will almost certainly need some kind of alternative.

A chest of drawers can be placed against a wall and provide storage for folded clothing and personal items. Dressers are very similar, but these tend to be wider and shorter than a chest of drawers.

If hanging storage is necessary, a freestanding closet can be added to the bedroom. Make sure there is ample room to swing open any doors without hitting the bed or any other furniture items in the room.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Often, bedroom furniture comes in complete sets. It may include a bed frame, one or two nightstands and a dresser. While it is certainly possible to find a beautiful set that works perfectly in your bedroom remodel, don't eliminate the option of thinking outside the box.

You can definitely buy individual pieces from separate lines that work beautifully together and make your room look more interesting and unique.

Make Small Bedrooms Look Bigger

If you're remodeling a smaller bedroom, one of your concerns may be how to add in furniture without making the space look cluttered.

A great tip in these cases is to invest in either a four-poster bed or one with a tall headboard. By drawing the eye up, these additions can actually make the room feel larger.

Also, choosing furniture that does double duty, such as a bed with pull-out drawers underneath, is a smart way to save space. Avoiding dark colors and sticking with lighter neutrals also tricks the eye into believing that the room is larger, so pine or white furniture may be better than black or dark brown styles.

Maintaining a Circulation Route

One important element to consider as you plan for your bedroom's remodel is the circulation route. This is the way that you can walk around or through the room easily.

Make sure that there is a clear path, and that you won't have to move furniture or close drawers just to enter or exit the space.

To Sit or Not to Sit

If space permits, a wonderful addition to a bedroom is a small sitting area. This can be a single lounge chair in the corner, or a pair of matching chairs with a small table.

If you plan to spend time enjoying your room as a kind of retreat relaxing, reading or sewing, then a personal sitting area is ideal.

Your bedroom should reflect your lifestyle as well as your design preferences. When buying furniture for any remodeled bedroom, don't forget to consider measurements, the circulation route, storage options, the best bed size for the space and what you want the layout to look like.


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