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Accent Furniture Can Solve Your Decorating Dilemmas

Accent TableIn both large and small homes there can be spaces that are difficult to decorate. It may be the architectural oddities that give your home character that pose some of these decorating dilemmas.

It could be space restrictions that make it seem as if adding accent furniture to the room is simply not within the realm of possibility. Rather than become frustrated or discouraged, you should focus on the many ways that accent pieces can actually solve your decorating dilemmas.

Accent Tables for Added Style

It’s amazing how many decorating problems can be solved with accent tables. Small foyers look bare and uninviting when left undecorated. You can find some very petite, exquisitely attractive accent tables that will fit into a small foyer area. Narrow tables are often the ideal choice. The addition of an accent table to the foyer opens up the opportunity to also include some impressive wall art above the table. Small accent tables can also be incorporated into every room of your home.

If you are struggling with a shortage of storage space, you can resolve some of your storage problems by adding accent tables throughout the house. Choose tables that have drawers or shelf space. Console tables are ideal for a living room. Nesting tables can be used in any room to solve a variety of decorating dilemmas.

Accent Chests for Additional Storage and Flair

Decorative chests add beauty to a room and provide extra storage and organizational space. Small chests can be placed in a foyer or hallway as functional and decorative furniture. They can be used as bedside tables or end tables as a way to gain storage space. There is such an extensive selection of decorative chests available that it is extremely easy to find one that will complement your decor.

A window seat is a wonderful place to read, rest and relax. If you don’t happen to have a window seat, a chest with a cushioned top placed at a window can create a space as enticing as a built-in window seat.

Bookcases for Displaying Home Accessories

Bookcases can be used for many reasons other than a place to organize and display books. They can be used as dividers or partial dividers in an open concept area of your home. A tall narrow bookcase can be added to a small area that would otherwise be a space void of beauty and function. You can gain a considerable amount of storage and display space by adding slim, trim bookcases to either side of a window in the bedroom or family room.

Bookcases are also great accent pieces for a kid’s room. They give kids a place to organize books, games and toys.

Accent Chairs for Seating and Interior Design

One fantastic way to add character and personality to a room is with an accent chair. Choosing an accent chair can be a Accent Chairsfun adventure. They are a great way to bring a bold splash of color to a room. Choosing one of the astonishing contemporary styled accent chairs is a ideal way to let your vibrant, quirky or flamboyant personality show in your decor.

Sometimes, there’s a space in a room that seems to have no specific purpose. You can quickly solve that problem with an accent chair and possibly a small table and decorative lamp. You can even fill an unused spot in the kitchen with a uniquely styled bar stool.

There’s an astounding variety of accent tables, chairs, chests and bookcases available that can help solve storage dilemmas and fill undecorated spaces in your home. Even the smallest corner of a room can be made noticeable and beautiful with the addition of an attractive chair or table.

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