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Bedroom Furniture Options

Bedroom FurnitureFurniture for your bedroom can help dramatically enhance the appearance of your bedroom and transform it into your private oasis. Likewise, furniture for a child’s bedroom can create a decorating theme or add an element of innocence or glamor to the space.

Here are some tips on choosing the right furniture for your bedroom or a child’s bedroom, along with some ideas to personalize the furniture to make it truly unique.

Use Focal Point Pieces

There are a million beds, dressers, desks, bed frames, nightstands and other furniture pieces on the market today. While this may seem daunting, there is an easy way to escape from the pressure of having too many choices. Pick a furniture piece that will serve as a focal point.

In an adult’s bedroom, this piece may be a four-post bed or a bed with a canopy top. It may be a smaller piece, such as a mirrored nightstand or a unique vanity. Many beautiful beds and other furniture are available for kid’s bedrooms. A girl’s room may be perfectly complimented with a bed that features a castle front. A boys’ room may be perfectly accented with a bunk bed that has a slide for boys to slide down each morning. A vanity may be the focal point of a girl or teenage youth’s bedroom.

Consider Furniture Function

Furniture serves a practical purpose in any room, but bedrooms are often used as multi-purpose spaces and the best furniture can serve multiple functions. If you are purchasing baby equipment, you may want to consider a convertible bed that will convert to a toddler bed and then a full size bed as your child grows.

A changing table that converts to a traditional dresser is also a good idea. Older children can use trundle beds so that they have a convenient place for Bedroom Ottomanfriends to sleep during sleepovers. Some beds for older kids feature a desk area that can be placed below a bed in a bunk bed-like fashion. Adult rooms may contain ottomans that open for extra storage or furniture that can be folded down when not in use in order to save extra space.

Make a Rustic Design

One way to make your furniture look unique is to make it rustic. A rustic appearance gives it a one-of-a-kind feeling that looks antiquated. You can choose rustic pieces, such as worn fences, doors or shutters for window frames.

An alternative is to take your existing piece and add a rustic layer to it. Sand the furniture piece down to get rid of the top layer of paint. Hitting the furniture piece with nuts, bolts and small implements can give it dents and character. You can then paint it with a traditional style of paint or a paint that has a crackling finish.

Glam Up Your Bedroom Style

If you prefer to make your furniture piece stand out in a way other than making it look old, another option is to glam the piece with special touches. You can paint it a rich color, such as ivory or black. You can also add mirrored tiles, mosaic tile, sequins, acrylic diamonds or other special touches to the piece.

You can make a furniture piece look more expensive by adding decorative nail heads. Another option is to add tufting to a furniture piece, which consists of adding buttons on upholstered items that tighten the fabric around the buttons.

Beautiful bedroom furniture is the first cornerstone in a good bedroom design. Furniture for a bedroom should stand out, be functional and reflect the personal decorating style of the person who lives in the beautiful room.

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