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Enjoy The Beauty Of Fireplaces In Your Home

You can enjoy the beauty and warmth that a fireplace provides in any room of your home. Modern designed fireplaces are a clean source of heat. You no longer have to deal with the smoke, soot  and general messiness of a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric wall mount fireplaces can be included in the decor of a dining room, living room, bedroom, or as a luxury feature in your master bath. You have a variety of styles to select from. Wood wall mount units complement a casual, country or traditional decor. If your decorating style is more along the lines of modern or contemporary, you might be more interested in a stainless steel design.

An electric fireplace can be a beneficial addition to a room in more than one way.  Obviously, they can provide heat for the room.  You can also choose a media console fireplace design. These fireplaces are an ideal option for a small room where multi-purpose furnishings are essential. A fireplace with bookcases on either side is also a great space saving choice for small rooms.

Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Gel fuel fireplaces are currently very popular. Some units are actually portable. You can move them to any desired location in your home. There are even some gel fuel fireplace styles that can be used indoors or outdoors. Stainless steel or copper wall mount fireplaces have the sophistication needed to complement modern and contemporary decors. Wood fireplaces with a mantle have the timeless beauty that enhances the decor of contemporary, country or traditional style homes.

Free Standing Fireplaces

A free standing fireplace can be designed so that you can view the mesmerizing flames from either side of the fireplace. This style of fireplace is an attractive addition to a large open concept living area. When you’re entertaining, all of the guests have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the fire. Free standing designs fit well into a modern or contemporary decor. There are also free standing designs that are reminiscent of traditional wood burning fireplaces.

Tabletop Fireplaces

You can add unexpected beauty to your living room by placing a tabletop fireplace on the coffee table. The soothing glow from the fire will add serenity to the atmosphere. You can add a little romance to the bedroom with a tabletop fireplace the offers a double sided view of the fire. Just imagine how tranquil your bathroom would be with a small, personal gel fuel fireplace included in the decor.

You can have a fireplace that doesn’t not require venting in locations where a traditional fireplace would not be allowed. Gel fuel units can be a welcome source of heat during a power outage. Before you purchase an indoor fireplace, you need to check the unit size recommendations  in relation to the amount of space you wish to heat.  More decorative varieties may not be designed to be a true source of heat.  They are more for decorating purposes than a heating source. Wall mount and free standing units are designed to supply beneficial heat as well as to add beauty and ambiance to a room.


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