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Ageless Furniture: In Praise Of Rocking Chairs

Rocking ChairEveryone needs a little comfort and relaxation in their life. Rocking chairs are a place where people have found soothing comfort for many years.

From humble cabins to luxurious mansions, rocking chairs offer the same sense of relaxation and tranquility. The good thing is, rocking chair styles have evolved in a way that keeps them current with design trends without them losing their reputation for being the most sought after seat in the house.

Casual and Country Rocking Chairs

It almost seems as if the inclusion of a rocking chair should be a requirement for a casual decor. A intricately designed wicker rocker is an ideal addition to a casual styled master bedroom. It provides a wonderful opportunity to relax before going to bed.

Wicker rockers invite and encourage you to relax in a sun room. A casual living room design certainly needs one or two rocking chairs as part of its seating arrangement.

A country decor begs for rocking chairs. Think back on all of the pictures you’ve seen of country farmhouses, country cabins or mountain retreats. How many of those pictures included a rocking chair sitting near the fireplace?

While your country decor may not be as quaint as some of the historical pictures you see, it still needs a couple of rockers included in the seating arrangement. If you have a fireplace, go ahead and place your rocking chairs near there. You’ll find that family and friends will determine this to be their favorite location, especially in winter.

Contemporary and Modern Rocking Chairs

If you have chosen a contemporary or modern decor for your home, you can still enjoy the pleasure of rocking and relaxing. Once you begin exploring the modern and contemporary rocking chair designs, you will be amazed at how impressive they are and at how well they exemplify modern design.

As for the concept of rocking by the fire, all you need is a free standing or wall mount electric or ventless fireplace and you’re ready to enjoy that same relaxing experience that people have loved for years. These fireplaces will enhance your modern or contemporary decor.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

You can find rocking chairs included in numerous outdoor sets. There are rocker designs that can be included as accent pieces in outdoor living areas. Even with all of the lifestyle Rocking Chairschanges that have occurred over the years, there’s still something appealing about sitting in a rocker on the front porch. Rockers are also a great choice of seating for a patio area.

Where To Put Your Rocking Chair

As previously mentioned, rockers are ideal for a living area, master bedroom or outdoor living space. There are several other locations within your home where a rocking chair would be an ideal addition to the decor.

Rocking chairs are almost an essential accent piece in a nursery. With the many updated rocker designs, you can easily find a style that will complement your nursery decor.

Overnight guests would enjoy the presence of a rocking chair in the guest bedroom. A side table, lamp and rocking chair would make an ideal reading and relaxation area for your guest.

A small rocker can be added to your child’s bedroom or to the family room. Children love furnishings that are appropriately sized and styled in the same manner as adult furnishings.

Rocking chairs are an example of ageless furniture that never loses it appeal. Almost everyone finds the motion of a rocking chair to be soothing, comforting and relaxing. Fortunately, rocking chair designs have been continually updated so that they complement even the most modern decor.


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