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Know Some Tips for Getting Organized

Closet OrganizerBefore planning any kind of change in your home, it’s important to get organized. Starting from an organized standpoint can help you stay focused and achieve the goals that you want for your remodeling project. Try these tips to get organized before making the next big change in your space.

Purge What You Don’t Need

Many homes have a cluttered look simply because there are too many belongings in the space. Before making major renovations to make your home bigger or investing in expensive custom storage units, get rid of items that you don’t need in the space.

For example, take items out of the room that do not belong there. If you are redecorating your living room, you probably don’t need your children’s coats, excess books or personal papers in the space. Relocate these items to other locations.

Make a pile of belongings that you want to donate, a pile that you want to sell and a pile that you want to throw away. You will probably be amazed by how much space you have after these unnecessary items are out of the space.

Create a Plan for Your New Organized Space

With the items removed, make a new plan for the space that can best highlight the items that are remaining in the space. Make a diagram that shows how you plan to arrange the furniture in your room. The goal is to maximize the function in the room so that it works well and allows you to best optimize the space.

You should also ensure that it maintains a decorative appearance so that you enjoy being in the room. Consider how you will add certain elements to the room without going over your budget. You may be able to borrow a piece of furniture from another room to achieve the balance that you desire.

Get Containers and Storage Devices

By having storage containers and other storage devices on hand, you can recreate the space to make it organized from Wicker Storage Boxesits inception. Different rooms can use different types of storage devices.

For example, garages can use large plastic bins to help corral belongings. You can also use large self-standing storage units. A living room can use a coffee table that lifts up for more storage, benches with storage or ottomans with flip tops that allow for extra storage. Bedrooms can benefit from the addition of wardrobes and tables with deep drawers or cubbies. You can also use foot lockers and upright lockers for bedroom storage.

All purpose baskets, totes and plastic containers can be used for bathroom storage, closet storage, living room storage, kitchen storage, dining room storage or any other room that has small, loose items.

Integrate Organizational Tools in the Design

Use the baskets, containers and other storage devices that you get as a central component to your design. Tuck television remote controls into a basket that is placed on the family room coffee table. Use baskets and bins to store apples, bananas and other fresh fruit in your kitchen.

Translucent containers can be used on a bathroom shelf or closet to store toiletries, makeup and other personal care items. When redesigning a space, try to think of the most practical devices that can be used to get organized. Silverware organizers can also be used to organize tools, makeup and small toys.

Getting organized does not need to be a long or expensive process. It requires you to analyze the items that you really want to keep and integrate into your design. You must then determine the best way to highlight the items you have and keep them in an organized, beautiful manner.


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