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Creating A Holiday Home Begins Outside

Fall Front Door As the holidays approach, you probably begin pulling out some of your favorite decorative items that have been in storage for a year. Most likely, you’ve already started looking for some new items to incorporate into your holiday decorating plan. But, have you considered your outdoor decor?

The exterior of your home is where first impressions are formed. Your exterior decor is what family and friends will see before being invited into your home. Many people will only see your outdoor holiday decor. Therefore, it is important to spend some time decorating your exterior space as well as your indoor space.

Decorating Your Front Door

Holiday wreaths are one of the most popular door decorations. You can find door wreaths in every size and in prices that start at ultra frugal and extend to high end extravagance.

If you are creative, you can make a wreath for your front door. To make the exterior of your home more festive, you can add lights to the door wreath or use a spot light to illuminate it at night. To draw even more attention to your front door, you can add lights and garland around the door frame.

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Lighting the pathway to your door will make your outdoor area more impressive. You can add bows to any post lighting that you have along the walkway. If you can add holiday accents to any part of your garden, that will also make your home more spectacular during the holidays.

If you have an outdoor dining set that remains in place year round, add an outdoor holiday tabletop arrangement to it. You can place artificial poinsettias on a tiered fountain to create a dramatic eye-catching outdoor display. You might want to decorate some of your outdoor shrubs with string lights to add a festive atmosphere to your landscape. An arbor, gazebo or other outdoor structure can be decorated for the holidays. The result is an absolutely stunning artistic feature that will impressive anyone who sees it.

A Holiday Themed Front PorchChristmas Wreath

The size of your front porch will determine how much holiday decorating you can do there. If you have a large front porch, you might consider decorating a tree and placing it on the porch. If you have furniture on your front porch, adding red, green, gold, or various other holiday colored accessories such as cushions and pillows would make the porch exceptionally attractive.

Holiday themed rugs would also be a nice addition to your porch. Topiaries decorated with clear lights and red or gold bows are very attractive placed on either side of a front door or at the top of the steps.

Choose A Holiday Theme

Your outdoor decorations should coincide with your indoor decorating theme. This gives your holiday home a unified and cohesive appearance. As visitors walk past your outdoor decorations they get a sense of your holiday decorating style. When they enter your home, they experience a continuation of that style. Keeping a design that flows makes your entire holiday design more impressive.

As you begin decorating for the holidays, keep in mind that in most situations, more people will see your outdoor holiday decor than will see your indoor holiday decor. Decorating the exterior of your home is a wonderful way to welcome visitors and it gives them a sense of what to expect when they enter your home.


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