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Creative Ways to Use Ordinary Household Items

Trying to get creative in the home is not always easy. Old furniture is tempting just to throw out or donate, and thinking outside of the box is sometimes easier said than done. The staff at Real Simple understand that, so they have put together some of their most creative suggestions for the home. Here are some unusual ways to reuse household items, solve simple problems and create a fun atmosphere in any space.

Solve Problems with Everyday Items

You might be surprised to learn that little everyday problems can be solved in unusual ways. If the cushions on your chairs or stools slip off all the time, simply use some Velcro to keep it in place. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are constantly banging when they close, simply cut out a small piece of felt and place it on the interior to silence the sound.

There are plenty of creative suggestions to add whimsy to the home as well. Use your old brooches and costume jewelry as magnets for the fridge, or wrap an outgrown tutu around a nightstand for fun decor. You could even take old calendars and use them as a beautiful and affordable wrapping paper for gifts. To learn more about these clever design ideas from Real Simple, read the full article here:

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