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Personalizing Your Rooms with Home Accessories

Art WorkOnce you’ve purchased, placed and arranged the furniture in a room, home accessories offer opportunities to give the room personality and make it feel uniquely yours. Swapping out a room’s accessories is also one the best and most affordable ways to give your home fresh appeal. A quick look at home accessory categories may inspire you to explore new possibilities for expressing and enhancing your personal style.

Think Vertical for High Style

Because they add architectural interest to a space, accessories like mirrors, photographs and wall art can help frame your room with style. Wall accents add a deepened sense of dimension to your rooms. When arranged effectively, they can also help break up large expanses of walls into manageable segments.

For the best effect, it’s important to consider the proportion and placement of the room’s furniture before hanging accessories on the wall. Coordinate the style and size of the piece with nearby furnishings. A small framed photograph, for example, will look lost and out of place hanging by itself over a sofa or buffet. Framing groups of photographs is a more effective strategy over large pieces of furniture.

Use strategy when placing mirrors too. Although mirrors can provide a great way to make a small room feel larger, you’ll want to ensure that the view presented in the mirror’s reflection is worthy of attention. Think about lighting when hanging mirrors as well. A well-placed mirror can do wonders for a dark corner.

Add Style with Sculptural Storage

Rooms are typically furnished along horizontal and vertical planes. Storage accessories like bowls, baskets, vases and bottles give you a chance to soften hard-edged forms, adding depth and visual interest to a room while providing storage solutions.

When it comes to room décor, containers are usually most effective when placed in groups. Unless you’re going for a classic, formal look, grouping containers in odd-numbered collections is best. Three boxes in various sizes placed on a coffee table or end table feel more balanced than two boxes.

When choosing accessories to use for storage, think about color, pattern and texture too. Room accents offer opportunities to enrich the look of your rooms with finishes, textures and Modular Bookcasepatterns that complement your room’s color scheme and decorative style. Use them to unify the overall look of the room or to add an eye-catching style statement.

Break Up Bookcase Boredom

Reading materials not only help convey your personal interests but can lend an air of cozy ambiance to a room as well. A bookcase filled with unbroken lines of books, however, can feel dull and oppressive. Alternating vertical and horizontal stacks of books and strategically placing accents among the stacks will help turn a boring bookcase into a stylish composition.

Have Fun with the Natural Trend in Accessories

A desire for décor that adds a feeling of calm and serenity to the home has resulted in a strong design trend of using natural elements, either real or faux, in home decoration. From a large vase filled with fall-colored branches for the fireplace to a bowl filled with seasonal fruit, natural elements bring the outdoors inside.

When adding natural touches to your home, coordinate the material with the room’s decorative style. Seashells arranged on a fireplace mantle add a cool, easy-going ambiance to rooms decorated in a casual style. A tray of smooth stones can complement a room designed in an Asian style. A group of botanical prints can add the charm of a garden to a variety of decorative styles.

When shopping for accessories for your home, the best advice is to choose pieces that give you a sense of joy. Opting for pieces that provoke a pleasing emotional response over accents that simply “match” your décor are more likely to provide satisfaction over the long run.

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