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Should You Build a New Home?

Family and New Home BuildingFor many families who are interested in having their very own single-family home, there will be the big decision to make between buying an already-constructed home or overseeing a customized build. In almost every case, an already-built home, especially one that has been lived in for a few years, will be more affordable than new construction. However, there is something to be said for having a personalized, brand-new home that specifically meets all of the needs and desires of your family. Here are some of the reasons to consider building a new home rather than buying one. Purchase many home building products at dealer-direct prices.

Get The Exact Square Footage You Need

When choosing between two existing homes, most buyers will “buy up”, or purchase the larger home rather than potentially not having enough space for their growing family. While this is a common practice, that extra square footage comes at a cost. Taxes, heating the extra space and more all add to the expenses of owning the home. By building your own home, you can determine the exact amount of space you need without going over that magic number.

Splurge For Higher-Efficiency Materials

Home building is something that improves year after year. New materials come out that last longer, are more durable and can be more efficient when used in a home. When you are building your very own new home, you can splurge on some of these materials that will net you savings in the long run. Double-glazed windows, for example, or energy-efficient appliances, cost more upfront but will be better for the home over time. Building your own home lets you invest in these upgrades, but buying an existing home means that you can never know for certain how efficient things will turn out to be.

Better Understand Maintenance and Repairs

If you spend a few months overseeing a new build, you will have a clear picture of how to maintain the various parts of your home. Moving into a home that was lived in by someone else, however, can feel overwhelming and confusing. Small repairs and everyday maintenance will be much simpler if you were there for the initial build of the home.

Warranty From Contractor or Builder

Another plus to building your own home is that many contractors and builders offer a warranty on their services for the first five or even 10 years. That means that you know who to call if there are any major problems with construction after moving in, and it can provide some peace of mind.

Customizations For Your Family

Finally, the most obvious reason to choose a new home is simply because you can customize it to the exact desires and needs of your family. Whether you want a spacious finished basement for arts and crafts or an open-plan kitchen and dining room, you can specify exactly what appeals to you and your family during the planning stages.

This guide should help homeowners make the decision between buying an existing home and constructing their very own house.

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