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Up-and-Coming New Trends in Home Decor

Contemporay Arm ChairThere’s a definite shift underway in interior design. While the economic challenges of the last few years prompted decorators to focus on creating warm and cozy home environments that served as a safe haven against the world outside, designers are now taking on a lighter and brighter outlook.

A search through the hundreds of new products showcased in design centers across the country reveals the hottest trends in home decor for the upcoming year.

The New Mood in Décor for the Home

The designs on tap for next year express an increasing optimism, a brighter mood that’s reflected in the colors, patterns and styles of home furnishings and accessories. It’s playful, creative mood that’s balanced by an increasingly sophisticated approach to interior design, an approach that’s informed by an understanding of how to mix pieces from various decorative styles. While there’s a new sense of freedom in the air, savvy decorators know how combine design elements to achieve a cohesive style.

A New Pattern Emerges

The most striking example of up-and-coming design trends is a broad use of pattern in fabrics, upholstered furniture, area rugs, window treatments and wall coverings. Stripes are the strongest trending pattern, reflecting a desire to add energy and movement to décor, but floral and animal prints are trending as well.

While you may have become accustomed to the widespread use of subtle leopard, zebra and tiger prints of the last few years, the new animal prints may surprise you. Patterns with frolicking dogs or rabbits are on the way. Floral prints are taking on a new twist as well, with interpretative rather than realistic representations of flowers. The new patterns work Blue Wall Paintbecause the overall focus is on form and line.

Color Me Blue

Blue has long been a favorite choice for home decoration. It’s a color that appeals to both men and women and that complements a number of shades on the color wheel. Darker shades of blue are the newest trend, with a deep navy blue being used in place of black. In contrast, yellow is showing up in softer, muted shades.

Trending Decorative Styles

There was a time when you might have been insulted if someone compared the décor in your home to that of a hotel. Today, achieving the look of a luxury boutique hotel is all the rage. Designers are embracing the sleek but natural style found in modern hotels. Using quality materials is the key to success with this new metropolitan style. Natural stone, fine woods and gleaming finishes imbue a rich and sophisticated look to the spare style.

The Return of Curves

When it comes to trends in furniture, straight-edged lines and boxy forms are giving way to softened curves. The change is subtle but defined. Look for curving lines on the arms and backs of sofas and chairs as well as softened edges and curvy legs on coffee and end tables.

Design trends for the coming year reflect a new optimism and confidence in home decoration. There’s a new-found freedom and a more relaxed approach to design that encourages self-expression. It’s as if designers have suddenly remembered that home decoration needn’t take itself so seriously. The lesson to be learned by the upcoming trends is that with a more light-hearted approach, decorating can be enjoyable and fun as well as stylish.

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