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Couple Ready To RemodelHome renovations are often expensive endeavors that cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from start to finish. Even worse, renovations can cost significantly more than homeowners traditionally budget because of unforeseen problems, unrealistic budgets or additional add-ons that were not part of the original plan.

However, homeowners can make their home renovations on a more affordable level by taking advantage of discounts that become available during the process.

Surplus Shops and Home Products

Surplus warehouses are scattered across the country and often provide products at a reduced price. These warehouses feature products that go beyond the quantity needed for home improvement projects. Homeowners may be able to find discounted kitchen items, including cabinets, doors and hardware. They may also be able to find surplus flooring products, including hardwood floors, laminate floors, bamboo floors, ceramic tile and mosaic tile. Carpet remnants may also be available.

Additionally, homeowners can often stock up on needed items at warehouse shops, including faucets, sinks, shower heads and other plumbing items. Many home improvement stores have items that have been discontinued, including window blinds, flooring products and more. Homeowners can also take advantage of remnant pieces from larger projects. For example, they may be able to get a slab of granite at a discounted price if they use the remaining portion of the material that was left over after a previous job.

Repurposing Existing Home Furnishings

Homeowners can realize a significant savings if they repurpose more affordable items for their home remodeling project. For example, they can often pick up an antique dresser or buffet for cheaper than buying a new model. Then, the homeowners can convert this furniture piece into a bathroom vanity.

Similarly, homeowners can purchase items from a construction company or organization that helps individuals build or improve homes. These items are often available at a significant discount. This strategy can be employed for ceiling fans, light fixtures, furniture pieces, appliances and traditional fixtures.

Do It Yourself Options in Home Remodeling

Completing home renovations personally can nearly cut the budget in half, provided that the homeowner has the skill to tackle the project. Some homeowners may not possess the requisite skill to complete some home improvement projects and may actually decrease the work if the job is done in poor quality. Homeowners can increase their knowledge and skill level by viewing renovation videos, television programs that feature renovation ideas and online videos of regular people completing the task at hand.

Many home improvement stores offer free or low-cost renovation clinics that may well be worth the investment for the homeowner to learn how to do the work and to avoid paying a high-priced professional. Homeowners can learn to precisely paint, install a tile backsplash, install a tile floor, install hardwood or laminate floors and install carpeting. Homeowners can also learn basic sewing skills in order to create drapes, pillows, valances, bed linens and other fabric items that can enhance the bedrooms and other rooms in the house.

You can also learn about upholstering furniture. This strategy can enable a homeowner to purchase a discounted item at an antique store, garage sale, flea market or in a scratch and dent section of a furniture store and then replace the fabric with a more attractive option. Adding nailheads or tufting to pieces can also increase the elegant feature of the piece while only marginally affecting the bottom line.

Home renovations can be expensive and time-consuming undertakings. However, with creative solutions and discount home improvement ideas, homeowners can make the changes that they desire to their space without breaking the budget that they have assigned to the home renovation project.


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