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Tips for Choosing Home Office Furniture

Wood Filing CabinetHome office furniture must serve a specific function, but you also want it to be attractive. Whether you are in the market for contemporary furnishings or something traditional, here are some beautiful options that can grace your home. Consider these little features when it’s time to bring office furniture into your home.

Lateral Filing Cabinets

Traditional filing cabinets are bulky and utilitarian. They aren’t appropriate for the home, and they will take up far too much floor space. Look for lateral filing cabinets that are attractive and versatile.

With the files hanging from side to side rather than front to back, the cabinets take up less floor space. Choose a short one that can double as a credenza or sofa table. It will help you save space and it will look fantastic in the room.

Glass Fronts on Cabinet Doors

Regardless of the office style you set up, you are probably going to have some cabinets. Whether you choose a sleek cabinet that will hang on the wall of your contemporary office or a traditional hutch with cabinets in the top, consider looking for glass-front doors. They help maintain the open feeling in the room while also protecting your office essentials. It gives the room a clean look while also making it feel more sophisticated.

Floor to Ceiling Storage

You have certain items in the office that you need occasionally, but you don’t want them taking up prime real estate Custom Built Cabinetsnear the desk. Invest in open shelves or storage systems that go from the floor to the ceiling. Stash the important items you don’t use frequently on the top shelves, and keep the lower shelves open for the items you use regularly.

Seating Areas for Comfort and Meetings

You may be focusing on a desk and office chair, but don’t underestimate the importance of a business seating area. You may want to curl up in a comfortable armchair to review the latest investment plans, and it gives you a place to sit when you have business meetings at home. The seating area can have an intimate and yet professional feel if you choose matching chairs with ottomans.

Legal Bookshelves

Lawyer bookshelves feature glass doors that close neatly in front of the shelves. Classic and sophisticated, they are a fine choice for any home office. Use them to display your diplomas, important journals or your favorite knick-knacks. They are professional and refined, yet attractive enough to grace any home.

Lighting is Important

You are fortunate enough to work from home, and the last thing you want is harsh fluorescent lighting making your office feel like an industrial center. Set up the room so the natural light can stream in through the windows. Use lamps to add work lighting while maintaining the comfortable feeling of your home.

Invest in a few recessed ceiling lights or spotlights to create a soft glow without making the room overly bright. With the right lighting choices, your home office will be functional and welcoming. A few wall sconces are also a fine choice for adding a soft glow to the room.

When you are setting up a home office, the furnishings are incredibly important. There are countless options available for your home office, but you want to be sure that the room feels comfortable and welcoming. Consider warm features like glass-front doors, lawyer bookcases and elegant lamps. Save space by investing in lateral file cabinets and taking the storage up to the ceiling. With a little planning, you can create a home office that you will actually look forward to spending time in.


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