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Get Organized: Great Tips to Keep the Home Tidy

Kate may run the blog Centsational Girl, a popular DIY and savings site for busy moms and homemakers, but she still likes to ask her friends and fellow bloggers for advice whenever possible. By revealing her favorites organization tips and tricks for the home, readers can transform a cluttered space into something peaceful, tidy and relaxing.

Keeping the Kitchen Organized

One of the top kitchen tips it to use clear containers to store snacks and ingredients like flour or sugar. This is a great way to know exactly how much of each ingredient is on hand, and these clear containers can even be labeled with the date. Plastic bins can also be used in the pantry or kitchen to keep similar items in one place. Children will know where to reach for their favorite snacks, and spices and herbs can all be found in one location.

Get Rid of the Clutter Around You

In the rest of the home, Kate shares tips that will make clutter disappear. One big tip is to use plastic containers to store laundry in each bedroom, allowing each family member to put their own clean items away. To learn more about these helpful organization tips for the home, read the entire article from Centsational Girl here:

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