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Interior Lighting: One Light Is Nice But A Grouping Is More Impressive

Interior LightingFor years, it seemed like everyone felt that had to have two matching lamps at the end of the sofa and if another lamp was included in the room it must also be a similar or identical style. The trend today is much more diverse and attractive.

When exploring interior lighting options, think in terms of adding a collection of lighting rather than just one or two.

Living Room Lighting

Just as an example of one way to create an impressive lighting group in the living room, consider placing a lamp on an end table, a floor lamp on the other side of the sofa and a small chandelier or hanging pendant light in that same area.

Bathroom Fixtures

In addition to the usual placement of lighting over the sink, you can add mini pendant lights, a decorative floor lamp and even a small table lamp to your bathroom design. Wall sconces can be used in unexpected places such as above the tub or on either side of a uniquely designed window.

Be creative with your interior lighting choices. Lights are always useful and even when not turned on they can become a beautifully decorative part of your room design.

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