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Save Money with Quality Discount Kitchen Appliances

Microwave OvenWhen planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to invest in new appliances. The new appliances available will make your kitchen a joy to prepare meals in while adding visual interest. However, the price tag associated with a new refrigerator, stove or microwave can be intense.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to save money by finding discount kitchen appliances. With a little patience and some smart moves, you can save an incredible amount of money on the purchases.

Join a Buying Club

Buying clubs allow consumers to band together as a group and buy directly from manufacturers. Eliminating the middlemen in the process helps you save money, and you will still get to enjoy a huge selection of name brand appliances. Many of the buying clubs charge a modest fee, so they are a great choice if you are buying a kitchen full of appliances, investing in new furniture or considering buying the hottest electronics.

Consider Scratch and Dent

Stores can only charge full price for their wares if everything is in perfect condition. If the side of a refrigerator is struck by a shopping cart and dented, they have to discount the appliance to move it. While you don’t want an appliance with a visible dent, you can save a small fortune if the dent will be hidden by the wall of cabinets. Before you spent a fortune on new appliances, take a walk down the scratch and dent aisle. You may be able to find the greatest deals on amazing appliances that will look like new and function beautifully.

Look for Great Sales

Talk to the sales staff at your local appliance store to see when your favorite items will be put on sale. This is especially Stainless Refrigeratoruseful if you are planning the kitchen ahead of time and won’t actually need the refrigerator or stove for a few weeks or months. Wait for the great sale, or walk through the clearance aisle for the best items at prices you will love. Watch the sales flyers in your local papers, and sign up for email alerts with your favorite stores to be informed of upcoming events and specials.

Search for Discounters

Look online through sites like Craigslist to see if you can find some local discounters. Like a scratch and dent store, the selection may be a little lower than at the regular store, but you will save a great deal of money on your new appliances. Discounters still carry the top models with all the great features you want, so you can still find something you love and will enjoy.

Shop at the Right Time

Try to do your appliance shopping at the right times of the year. September and October usually feature great sales as retailers are preparing for the new models coming in. Black Friday in November is also a great time to snag excellent sales as retailers look to cash in on the shopping rush. Finally, consider going out and shopping for your new appliances in January. With the Christmas rush gone, retailers will be looking to move any of their remaining stock from the year before.

The appliances for your new kitchen can prove to be your most expensive investment. You can try to keep the old appliances a little longer and replace them individually, but you will still want to save money on each purchase. Take the time to wait for sales, look for better price and work with wholesalers or discounters. When you save money on the appliances, you will have more funds to cover your beautiful new cabinets and sophisticated countertops.

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