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Enhance Your Life at Home with Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living SpacesWhen you’re searching for ways to add more living space to your home, the solution can often be found just outside your back door. Creating outdoor living spaces in your yard or garden offers opportunities to enjoy your natural surroundings in comfort and style. Whether you want to create a space where you can entertain friends and family or you just want a place where you can stretch out and relax, here are some ideas to expand your living areas into the great outdoors.

Made in the Shade Solutions Optimize Outside Living Spaces

Outdoor structures like gazebos help filter sunlight on hot summer days without blocking cooling breezes. They add visual appeal and architectural interest to backyards and patio areas as well. Gazebos are stand-alone structures that you can hire qualified contractors to install or can build yourself from a prefabricated kit. Models are available with either roofed or open-roof designs. Plant fast-growing flowering vines like bougainvillea or clematis to wind up the columns of the structure, and you’ll soon have a vine-covered garden feature that offers color as well as shade for sun.

Outdoor Areas Designed for Entertaining

A high-tech grill and a comfortable outdoor dining set is essential for outdoor barbeques. Install hookups for lighting, plumbing and electronics, and you can transform a simple patio or Patio Furnituredeck into a stylish outdoor kitchen or entertainment area. Amenities like an outdoor refrigerator, sink and storage cabinets let you enjoy cooking family meals in the open air. Add a gas patio heater, and you can extend the outdoor cooking season into the fall.

Raise the Value of Your Home with a Cost-Effective Deck

When it comes to shopping for a new home, decks are one of the most-asked-for features among homebuyers. Install an attractive deck in your yard, and you’ll enjoy a high return of investment when it comes time to sell your home. According to a leading remodeling publication, the current ROI on a wooden deck installation is over 77 percent.

Because an outdoor deck is a surface that homeowners will look at, walk on and have to maintain for many years to come, the type of material chosen for the deck matters. For its natural beauty, wood remains the most popular choice for decking. While pressure-treated pine and fir are popular and affordable options when it comes to wood decks, the latest trend is to choose higher-end products that offer greater durability and maximum style.

Use Patio Furniture Create a Private Retreat

Comfortable patio furniture is essential for any outside living area. The pieces that you choose should reflect the living area’s function and purpose. Sling a stylish hammock in a sheltered corner of the garden to create a private space where you can catch a nap on a hot summer’s day. Place a rustic bench against a retaining wall or splashing fountain to create a space to rest and reflect. A rocker or glider can turn a front porch into a restful spot to watch the sunset at the end of a busy day.

Whether adding a complete outdoor kitchen or just strategically arranging a few pieces of chic patio furniture, creating living spaces outdoors lets you expand your home’s square footage while enjoying the beauty of nature in comfort and style.

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