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Cool Uses for Natural Stone Around the Home

Marble TileWith its variegated appearance and timeless appeal, natural stone is an excellent choice for all of your home renovation projects. From flooring and counters to wall coverings and trivets, you will find that it can serve a valuable role in any room of your home. Versatile and elegant, here are a few of the unexpected ways you can use marble, travertine and granite around your home.

Keep Cool on the Patio with Tile

Marble and travertine don’t hold heat, so they are ideal choices for outdoor patio. Concrete can warm up and become uncomfortable to walk on.

Wood can also heat up enough to burn your toes and feet, but stone tiles will remain cool and comfortable. They are appropriate for all climates because they are naturally able to weather changes in temperature and humidity levels. Stronger than concrete and pavers, they can handle the weight of your patio furniture and provide you with years of beautiful service.

Create an Elegant Front Step to Your Home

Concrete is the standard choice for front steps and porches, but it’s not the only option. Beautiful natural elements like marble, travertine and granite will add a luxurious feel to any front entry area. Guests will be pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful tiles, and you will love how easy it is to sweep the patio and have it look clean and inviting.

Ease Asthma Symptoms with Tile Flooring

Carpet is notorious for holding allergens. It can make your children with asthma miserable, and doctors often recommend eliminating carpeting throughout the house. While you may want to keep a few area rugs for comfort and warmth, it’s important to leave them out of your child’s room. Stone won’t hold allergens, and it’s extremely easy to clean. If someone in your family is dealing with asthma or allergies, replace the carpet with stone to find relief.

Cover the Bathtub Apron with Beautiful Stone

If you have a small bathroom, then you are probably looking for ways to make it look larger. Carry the stone tile from Travertine Tilethe floor onto the bathtub apron to make the space look and feel larger. Using the same tile on the shower walls, floor and apron will create an elegant atmosphere that you will always appreciate.

Frame a Window or Mirror with Beautiful Stone Tile

Carry the tile from your floor onto the wall. Mounted directly to the wall, you can use natural materials to frame in a window or mirror to carry the beautiful look throughout the room. It’s the ultimate way to dress up any window, particularly smaller ones in the kitchen or bathroom.

Enlarge the Room with Tile Baseboard

Wood baseboard is the standard choice, but tile will make the room look larger. Carrying the same tile from the floor onto the lower perimeter of the wall will make the room feel more spacious. It allows you to finish the room quickly, and the baseboard will be incredibly easy to clean. It’s an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture might damage wood.

Magnificent Fireplace Surrounds

Appropriate for the hearth, surround and even the mantel, stone will add beauty to your fireplace. It’s modern and current, yet it works marvelously even with traditional homes and rustic decors. Soot is easily cleaned off the tile, and it will continue to look fantastic for many years.

Natural materials like granite and travertine are all excellent choices for your home. One of the best options if someone suffers from allergies, stone will provide them with relief from the allergens that are trapped in carpet. Ideal for use as baseboards, you can also make frames, fireplace surrounds and even patio flooring from beautiful stone.

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