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Impressive Uses for Stone, Ceramic or Vinyl Tiles

Travertine TileTile is a great choice for your shower walls and kitchen floor, but it comes in handy in other areas of the home. If you have ever found a selection of ceramic or natural stone in the store that you loved but had no use for, then you will be thrilled to learn that there are many uses for these marvelous squares. Read on to discover how you can introduce the beauty of your favorite glazed ceramic or tumbled natural stone to your home.

Backsplashes are Easy to Clean

Installed on a backsplash, tiles are easy to clean and care for. Food splatters wipe away easily, and you will love the sophisticated look. With a special drill tip, you can even mount hooks for hanging potholders, lids or a paper towel dispenser. Before you paint the backsplash, consider covering it with ceramic or natural stone instead.

Classy Coverings on Wire Shelves

Modern builders love vinyl shelving for pantries and closets. Unfortunately, it’s hard to put smaller items on these surfaces because they slip between the wires. They are also a pain to clean, and any messes spill through to all the lower shelves. Self-adhesive vinyl is flexible and mounts beautifully on wire shelves. It creates a solid shelf surface that is attractive, more functional and very easy to clean.

Make a Trivet Out of Tile

Have you ever looked at natural stone borders featuring an incredible pattern and wished you had a use for it in the home? Well, now you do. Mounted on a thin piece of plywood, you Stone Tilecan turn that incredible natural stone into an amazing trivet. Mount little glass balls or knobs underneath for feet to have a trivet that is the envy of your friends.

Tile for Art Projects

The 3-inch white ceramic squares commonly used in shower walls are great for art projects. Using stencils, your kids can paint any number of designs on them. Allow them to dry, coat them with a protective layer of polyurethane and you will have coasters that the kids can give as gifts. Not only is this a great project for your own children, but it is also appropriate for your Sunday school class, students or any group of children you volunteer with.

Ceramic Table Signs

Corner pieces designed to wrap around a corner make amazing place markers for your next formal occasion. The white glazing works like a dry-erase board, and you can wrap each ceramic piece with a bow to add a lovely extra touch to the design.

Custom Frames from Tile

If you cannot find the perfect frame for the bathroom mirror, then you should get a little creative. Purchase sheets of glass mosaic collections that match the shower, floor or overall theme in the room. Installed on the wall around your flush mirror, they will create a beautiful border that will make you proud.

Fireplace Surrounds

You don’t have to call in the masonry expert when you’re ready to cover the surround on your fireplace. Eliminate the awful vision of bricks and banish dated stucco with incredible marble, reflective glass or other beautiful ceramic options. They will be easy to clean, and the sophisticated look will be a beautiful addition to any family room.

There are countless options around your home for ceramic, natural stone and even self-adhesive vinyl squares. With a little creativity, you can use these materials in every room of your home to add color and style. The next time you see a border or piece of marble you love, take the plunge and make the purchase. You will be able to find a use for it that will delight the entire family.


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