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Window Screens Let the Breeze In and Keep the Bugs Out

Window ScreenThe warm weather is upon us and we have the opportunity to air out the house.  We can raise the windows and let the cool breezes blow through.  Hopefully, you have window screens to keep those testy flies out.

Use Adjustable or Snap-In Screens

I bought an older home and somewhere along the way, the screens went bye-bye.  The windows are an awkward size, but I was able to find adjustable screens to fit the windows.

If you have standard size windows, you should be able to find snap in screens to fit them.  When purchasing new windows, ensure they include the screens.  You’d be surprised that some windows don’t have screens included in the price.  Open up your windows to let the breeze blow through and let the screens keep those pesky bugs outside where they belong.


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