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Conserve Energy this Winter with Window Treatments

Window TreatmentsIf you live in an extremely colder climate and need to turn your heater on, then you want to conserve that heat and not have it escape. Either way, you can keep an even temperature throughout your home by using window treatments.

Window Blinds – prevent heat from the inside of your home from leaking outside. There are different kinds of blinds to choose from such as bamboo blinds, aluminum blinds, shutter blinds and more.

Shades – if you have good windows without drafts and cracks, shades can boost the thermal comfort in your home. One of the most popular types of shades are roman but other styles include roller and solar just to name a few.

Curtains – curtains can be installed in addition to window blinds for a layering effect that can help you keep even more warmth in your home. The type of curtain you choose is completely up to you and your décor.


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