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DirectBuy® has just about every style of lighting you can think of. From the current and fresh look of contemporary lighting to the vast selection of designer lighting, DirectBuy does not make you sacrifice quality and design for price.

DirectBuy is a unique membership club that offers its members the opportunity to choose from all styles of lighting fixtures and only pay confidential insider prices plus shipping and handling.

Lighting Styles to Brighten Your Life

There is more to lighting than just lamps and fixtures. With today’s selections, you can choose lighting that blends in with and complements your home décor for a beautiful room from ceiling to floor. Here are some lighting styles you can choose from:

Contemporary – add a modern touch to your home with contemporary lighting. Featuring simple lines and casual comfort, contemporary lighting is a functional work of art.

Rustic – for a look of country charm, rustic lighting works in your residential home or vacation home. Available in elegant lanterns or wall sconces, rustic lighting is the perfect addition to any décor.

Country – evoking an old-fashioned feel of times gone by, country lighting brings a warm feeling to your home. Traditional styles that look classic in your modern home, you can’t go wrong with the quiet charm of country lighting.

Decorative – whether it’s a chandelier, electric candle or pendant fixtures, you can use decorative lighting in any area of your home where you want to add a little luxury.

Designer – there are well-known lighting designers from all over who bring their creative genius and unique sense of style to all that they do. Covering all style genres, designer style lighting helps your décor look magazine cover ready.

Recessed  - able to blend with almost any décor, recessed lighting provides a range of lighting effects suitable for any room of your home from the kitchen to the bedroom.

DirectBuy has over 700 brand-name manufacturers and other authorized suppliers in the U.S. and over 500 brand-name manufacturers and their authorized suppliers in Canada so you always get the best home furnishings and lighting fixtures at wholesale prices.

*All images on the website are a representation of the types of products that are currently available to DirectBuy members and are not meant to reflect a specific product model.

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