Living Room Remodeling and Decorating

Furniture and Design Ideas to Remodel Your Living Room

In many ways, the living room is considered the heart of the home. Although kitchens or bathrooms may get the most attention during a remodel, the living room is often where you'll spend the bulk of your free time. Whether you’re watching your favorite television shows each evening after work or playing board games with the whole family, the living room should be a space that is welcoming and encourages gatherings suitable for your lifestyle. If you're thinking about remodeling your living room, the biggest challenge will likely be finding the right furniture. With these design and furniture ideas, you can create the best possible environment for the center of your home.

Consider Your Lifestyle When Planning the Space

As with virtually any remodel, the first step should be thinking carefully about your lifestyle and how it will benefit most from a new living room.

If you have young children, or you’re ready to start a family in the months and years ahead, choosing a formal living room with ceramic sculptures and white chairs is probably not a smart move.

Beyond the obvious, however, thinking about your lifestyle can help you see which changes will have the biggest impact on your daily life. If you love watching movies with your spouse, then a big screen television and dark curtains can make Saturday afternoons your new film time.

If you love entertaining, but you're constantly worried about staining the carpets and the furniture, investing in a dark sofa and hardwood floors may reduce your stress when you have guests over to visit.

Create a Focal Point in the Living Room

Whether you stroll into the contemporary living room of a minimalist apartment or a living room in a charming cottage by the beach, there will typically be one thing in common: a focal point.

A living room without a focal point, or a central area where the eye is drawn, can feel disjointed. Even with beautiful furniture and dazzling colors, a newly remodeled living room won't feel quite right until there is a focal point.

Traditionally, a common focal point for the living room is the fireplace, which is where family members gather to keep warm in the evenings. In a modern living room, the focal point is often the television.

Your focal point is entirely up to you, and it can be a painting on the wall, a large and interesting coffee table or even amazing views out of a big glass picture window.

Choose Furniture to Surround Your Focal Point

With your focal point picked out, it is time to start planning the layout of your remodeled living room. The goal is to arrange the seating so that the focal point is within view of everyone.

If the focal point is the television or the fireplace, that may mean creating a U-shape with chairs or couches around it. If you want to have a more social space, create a circular seating layout where the focal point is right in the center of it all.

Investigate Popular Decor Styles

There are all kinds of decor styles that you can explore when buying furniture for your ongoing living room remodel. Whether you’re buying a new sofa, reupholstering an existing couch, buying chairs or choosing window treatments, try to bring it all together with one cohesive decor style.

If you love a clean, vintage feel, you may opt for a mid-century modern living room, which boasts 1950s and 1960s pieces, natural wood and a distinct lack of extra embellishments.

If you love pastels, florals and a softer look, then the popular romantic trend may be right for you.

For absolute sleekness, try a contemporary decor theme and incorporate a limited color palette as well as sharp edges.

If the glamour of Europe appeals to you, then the Old World style can be perfect, as it boasts dark woods, distressed materials, lavish fabrics and even woven tapestries.

Finally, the most popular look of all for family homes is the traditional living room style, which is recognized by warm and neutral tones, framed paintings and items on a fireplace mantel.

Work Within a Color Palette

Once you've determined the best layout and decor style for your living room and your lifestyle, it is time to narrow down all the furniture options and settle on a single color palette.

As mentioned above, some decor styles are strongly associated with a particular set of colors. A beach cottage look, for example, wouldn't be right without some whites, blues and greens throughout the space.

When it comes to your personal space, however, don't feel limited or restricted within a narrow range of colors. Instead, simply try to focus on one or two neutral colors and one bold color.

This will naturally create a contrast as well as an effortlessly cohesive style. Keep in mind that this rule applies to fabrics as well as to metals and wood. Choosing three different shades of wood furniture, for example, can start to look chaotic.

Make Organization a Priority

The purpose of some remodeling jobs, such as in the bedroom or the kitchen, is all about storage. In the living room, it is often an afterthought, but you should still make it a priority.

Adding in furniture with storage can keep the space organized. It can be as simple as a coffee table with a built-in drawer, or it may be a large storage cabinet where you house the television, game consoles and DVD players.

Either way, more storage means less clutter, which in turn lets your design style shine through.

Create a Clear Pathway Through the Living Room

As you bring in more furniture, make sure that you measure everything and ensure a clear pathway in the finished room.

Your living room should be easily navigable, even when people are seated and the room is full. This means space on the floor to walk in, out and through the space with ease.

If you can't do this, then you've likely got too much furniture taking up valuable floor space.

With the right furniture and design ideas in mind, you will be ready to tackle a living room remodel and truly revitalize the heart of your home.


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